Feng Shui For Homes & Business


About Flying Star Feng Shui

Based on ancient Chinese traditions, using the 5 elements to harmonise, activate or remedy, Feng Shui has now become very popular to remedy or activate homes and businesses.

Analysing the home elementally and with the ‘Flying numbers’ this energy can bring harmony, balance, health and prosperity in our lives and support our life’s journey.

Flying Star (Xuan Kong) Feng Shui is a calculated system which takes into consideration the orientation of your home, construction year, current time influence, the environment around your home and the internal floor plan of your home.  When positioning the elements with the flying star numbers, following the correct principles, you will be able to achieve a harmonious life, remedy any obstacles or challenges, and activate prosperity for all in the home.

One key element to hold all your harmony, health and prosperity is sleeping in a room which has the ‘number in time’. One of these numbers changes every 20 years, so at least you know when you will require to remedy or activate the home again for the next 20 years. 

In addition, you will know when to remedy or activate other areas in your home, where the number in time requires attention to remedy or activate.

Feng Shui has no religion associated with it, it only works on the space, the orientation of the home and the year the home was built. 

As a consultant, my job is simply to show you the rooms or areas that require being remedied or activated.

You will need to provide house Floor Plan to scale and the year the house was built. 

Investment $350.00 for Single story, $450.00 for Double story.