Access Consciousness - The Bars - One day workshop


The Access Bars class is a single day, 8 hour class. You will receive a manual to help assist you in learning the Bars. You can expect to go through the manual, explore the 32 points on the head and learn proper hand positions along with other tools from Access Consciousness. You will be given the opportunity to gift a Bars session twice and also receive two Bars sessions as well!  After you’ve completed one Access Bars class, you are now a Bars Practitioner.  You can choose to bring a friend so you can do regular bars swaps on each other.  The more you run your bars, the more you release, the more you receive and the more you transform form Limitation to Creation.

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7 Keys to Freedom


These 7 Keys to unlock Pandora's Box of Hopes, is created to unlock each box as your level of awareness expands.  There are 100's of processes to learn and each unique from  the previous Box.

The work covered is years of Angela's learnings, teachings and training.  There are many activations and meditations you will learn as you progress through the Boxes.  These are boxes filled with so much Magic and so much to share that the boxes had to be unlocked in segments.  Open to all to enjoy! Light refreshments provided on the day.

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