Belief Coaching Program

The Game of Life

This 9 Session Coaching Program is for those that are ready to move into New Paradigms, it's not like any other Coaching!  The 9 sessions has been created to uncover and release ALL HIDDEN blocks that hinder you from reaching your maximum potential, abundance, success and joy in all areas of your life.  The 9 sessions explores on Expanding your visions, comfort zones and Self Realisation.

The Game of was originally created by Hiroyuki, a Japanese entrepreneur after he discovered remarkable success in his business when working on beliefs around income thresholds and attachments to past experiences of success and failures.   Hiro has taken his research around society, parents/mentors and personal beliefs to another level of working on them and releasing them.  The Game of Life is the most comprehensible coaching program on business and financial success.  The Game of Life fine tunes clearing beliefs around moving forward becoming the Driver of you Life.

The Game of Life is a beautifully and professionally designed program that uncovers your potential in a 7 step easy-to-follow structure of how to be the real master of your life and play the Game of Life with success, fun and great Achievement.  Available via Skype, phone or in person.

Session Outline

  1. Releasing obligations to Parents/Mentors - Their beliefs make or break you
  2. Release you from the past - Success and Failures
  3. Become accepted by Society - Choice of lifestyle
  4. Handle peer pressure - Leaving peers behind
  5. Receive Infinite Abundance - Thresholds & Comfort Zones
  6. Prepare to Succeed - Power V's Procrastination and Perfectionism
  7. Creation & Manifestation - It's time to step into a New Paradigm 

Belief Coaching Program Game of Life

Programs to Choose

  • 6 week Belief Coaching Program $1,980
  • 3 month Belief Coaching Program $3,600
  • 6 month Belief Coaching Program $6,900

All programs include the Game of Life and tailored to suit you and what you wish to work on.