Meditation Classes


Monday Night Meditation

Meditation classes every Monday for anyone who wishes to deepen their practice for their personal development.  I also run meditation workshops for schools and organisations.

Meditation, mental rehearsal, relaxation, awareness, mindfulness are all forms of internal creation with intention.  When you create with intention, you allow to create new neural pathways in the brain and adding the creation of the feeling with the body, you then create a whole new experience.  The brain and body require to be in coherence for an experience of your intention.

Creating with intention allows for your 'creation' to walk into your 'new reality, new experience' in the present moment, as if the event has already happened.

Monday's 7.00pm - Meditation Techniques

Monday's 8.15pm - Yoga Nidra, A lying down Meditation for those to really let go and unwind.

Investment $16.50 for casual class or $60 for the month paid in advance.

Venue: Royal Avenue, Essendon North 

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