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"My husband and I did the game of life session with Angela and wow it was certainly life changing...my husband wasn't sure if we needed it but after we completed the sessions he started seeing how powerful it was...little things started happening, our barriers had shifted, we had broken through limiting beliefs and nothing was to hold us back anymore...it started as early as the 3rd session, we had cleared the block around selling our 900k property in QLD, it had been on the market for 1 year with no offers and no joke literally in the break, the Real Estate agent called and said we had a cash buyer who wanted to make a bid today!! Amazing things since have happened and I feel it is definitely something we will keep doing each year! Thank you Angela!!"  

- Laurentine Ten Bosch, Food Matters Inc

"Um, amazing things are happening with migration law and other areas. I am now subletting part of the office on X Road and will be the lawyer doing all migration work at X&X Lawyers. This game of life stuff really works!
I’m going to check in with you each month to ensure you keep me accountable.
James Muscat, Lawyer & Registered Migration Agent 

'Angela is a fun and enthusiastic coach to have on your side. If you have big dreams, do the game of life program with her. She is Melbourne's Tony Robbins!'  - Dina, International Share Trader 

During Game of Life, I realised a huge fear & block around expanding my Business on a Corporate Level or even on an International Level.  After Completing the workshop, I accepted an offer to train at a Corporate Organisation and I also made the decision to teach my Manifesting Methods and do Coaching session for individuals & Businesses (Management & Sales Teams) in my home country.  From clearing my fear around 'Public Recognition' during the workshop, I created my biggest group of 20 attendees at my Manifesting on-line Workshop.  That has never happened before! 

Thank you, thank you Hiro for this amazing course and you Angela for being so good at making our dreams so easy to attain!
~ Loago, Golddustcoach 

I realised that I had to like me before anyone else would like me.  Game of Life helped me to like me.  All of sudden people changed around me.  Anytime now when I think 'this is too hard, I don't know what to do', people just come out of the blue to help me - this has never happened before.  I'm just taking it all in and really happy.  Thanks Angela, now I know what if feels like to have internal compass ~ Bec

Wow, what can I say about the Game of Life....

I thought when I did Intuitive Anatomy that "that was life changing" and it was in those 3 weeks, I lay witness to my changes and watched, observed and witnessed incredible changes with every single person in that room but I myself still had issues with money. For a long time I had struggled so hard with being able to ask people for money and then feel good about it for services offered.  YES, 'paying' clients, this was huge for me and yes starting my own business, I wanted to but what was holding me back from taking that initial first step or leap? Of course we all know it is "me" but how does one change this or yet know where to begin?

GAME OF LIFE... Seriously since those three (3) days my life has changed! No fake claims, no fake hype, no ra ra ra this is how you do it. It is seriously deep, instantaneous transformational work that doesn't last a day but lasts a lifetime.

From the courses I have done to date, I have found this to be the most structured course on kick butt, breaking through my blockages that I didn't even know I had to begin with. If I had just four words to describe this course it would be "JUST UTTERLY MIND BLOWING" and just take the step if your pondering on what course should I do next - Just do it for your incredible journey to freedom. Since I have done Game of Life in April '14, I now have full paying clients and my business has increased, doubled. Once I released my blocks my phone began to ring. Try it for yourself, you will not be sorry.
~ Pauline Harry (Melbourne)

Game of Life has change my confidence in talking about my work! I started advertising on noticeboards and talking to people about animal communication.  I finally went back to the gym after more than a month of procrastination!  My brother  is texting me every day which this has never happened before!
I have also found myself in situations where people used to be mean and rude to me with no real reason.. and now I look at me instead of them and shift that paradigm instantly.  Game of life is really as you said, 'Your interaction with the world and how to play it'
~ Dog Whisperer!

Game of Life with Angela Rojas pushes you through your boundaries and blocks and is the fertiliser that you need to bloom into your infinitive potential. The processes that Angela guides you through releases your unconscious blocks and takes you from being a passenger in your life and journey to success and puts you right in the drivers seat to turbo charge your abilities to create your own reality and receive infinitive abundance. I highly recommend Game of Life with Angela if your looking to skyrocket your vision and be a manifestation magnet. -Benjamin Garrard Modern Medicine Man universalqi.com.au

Hey Ange, I would like to Thank you for an amazing Experience I had on the Game of Life a yesterday. Not only have I change the way I feel as a teacher and even the way I teach is very different. So much more confident within myself. Feeling comfortable outside my comfort zone that is for sure. I not only have 4 people already confirmed for my Perth class in September 2014. I have another class for Kilmore dates to be confirmed 3 students ready to go. Feeling that this is the beginning of so much more abundance coming my way. 

I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to shift anything in there life and get them back on their path. Also great to get the concept that you are the driver in your own Game of Life not the passenger. I have my license and NOW no one will STOP me! Thank you again for a life changing experience.......to add to the above....my clients have shifted that is increased from 3-7 a week to 13 a week. I have had request for my Perth class to also have the advanced taught at the same time...I said certain can!!!

One of the great things which is the contracts that was released allowed my employer to pay out my long service and annual leave entitlements (I had been waiting 4 months for this to happen). It happened 3 days after the course.
Cannot wait to do another course with Angela Rojas. Thank you again.
Debbie Harding
ThetaHealing Practitioner & Teacher


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Pandora's Box 1 - The Workshop was Amazing.  Angela made it so much fun, as she does everything.  After 22 years experience, in this workshop she picked out the best of the best healing methods, and served them up in style.  What  a Gift.

~ Jacob Marinelli

The Feelings of growth over the past 3 weeks at Intuitive Anatomy were outstanding!  Even though I do not plan on being a professional practitioner of  ThetaHealing, I now have the confidence to authentically me and not "hide" from others.
~  Excited to be me!

Angela is an amazing teacher, full of compassion and makes learning complicated 'things' easy.  The whole 3 days of Basic Course was fun, transforming and joyful.
~ Riz Jamaldeen, Financial Analyst

Angela Keeps the Workshops exiting and keeps everyone interested.  Straight to the point is fantastic. 

~ T. Middleton, Mum, Entrepreneur

Intuitive Anatomy is an amazing course.  By looking at each system of the body daily, I feel better physically and emotionally.  Shifting old beliefs has opened up a freedom in me and trust that everything is possible.  I feel ready to work with clients and ready to truly live my Soul Purpose.     

~ Janelle Wilson, Counselor, ThetaHealer

IA has been an amazing 3 weeks of fun, laughter and personal growth.  I could not fit into the 'BOX" that was "ME" 3 weeks ago.  Angela produces a loving, safe space for everyone to develop at their own rate without judgement of what each person want to work on.  You are awesome.. Absolutely amazing!

This Course has changed me forever.  I was able to release so many self limiting beliefs and old emotions.  I feel connected to my Soul and Creator than ever before.  I am more than ready to go out into the world confidently.  Angela is absolutely great as a person and as a teacher.  She break everything down and simplifies the whole concept of Theta Healing.  Intuitive Anatomy is MUST DO Course for everyone!

~ Steve Todd, transformed in every way

Angela presented the Intuitive Anatomy course from an Open Heart with the intent of pushing us all forward in a safe & protected environment - just allowing total trust, honesty for everyone's growth.       

 ~ Pauline Harry, Fitness Instructor 

Angela, I want to thank you with much, much gratitude for the faith, support and encouragement you have shown to me since I became a student of yours this time last year.

Theta Healing speaks for itself as a powerful, behaviour changing process that reminds us that we are all the Creator's love.  However, you as a Teacher of ThetaHealing, truly embody  the power of this process.  Your classes and teachings are filled with a real passion and belief in our ability to change and create our lives.  You do this through sharing your personal stories and the stories from your healing work with others.  I can't help but leave your classes feeling totally pumped!

Most recently, I did the 'Diseases and Disorders' course with you.  Again, your generous, loving and embracing style shone through.  You continue to encourage me, to believe in my ability as a ThetaHealer and inspire me to 'step into' me and my own unique style as a Healer.

I see that as I have watched myself grow and evolve, I have also witnessed your growth too.  You truly are a 'fellow traveler' on this awesome journey.  Love and Thanks
~ Janelle, Counsellor, Theta Healer, Mandala Art Therapist

The Most amazing shifts in every person if you want to do ThetaHealing on a professional level, then IA is a must.
 ~ Lessa, Nutritionist & Therapist

Thanks for the amazing journey of self discovery. A great way to take control of your own life and be the person you want to be immediately

~ Andrew Micallef , Choreographer

Hello all Dear Readers.

Sorry to say but the ThetaHealing Courses, the experience for is impossible to explain in words.  The True Experience of Life, Love, Joy AND Bliss can be experienced, tasted, can be in it, but making an opinion is not possible for me.  'It is just like bringing light into a dark room and the darkness disappears.  In fact it was never there, it was only the absence of light'.  Apart from that, thanks to all (Basic and Advanced Group).  You all are beautiful Souls and Ange...Hats off to YOU, I have new eyes to see life surrounding me.

~ Sydhartha Gabba, Just a spirit in a body, a human being

I would recommend to any Steiner/Anthroposophical student who are looking for practical applications.

~ Yoga and Steiner Student

Angela oozes fun, love and compassion from every cell in her body.  I love the way she is so open about her own journey as an example of how we create our own reality and then how we can change it.  Both the Basic and Advanced Courses were so amazing, I just didn't want them to end.  I have learnt so much from Angela in the past 2 months and I also learnt from everyone of my gorgeous fellow students.  It all just makes so much sense.  Angela's ongoing support has been invaluable and she has made a huge difference in my life and my children's lives.  Just having this hope and knowledge to share with my family and friends is a gift so precious that I can't describe.  I can't wait to learn more on the next course.

~ Leesa, Mum and Business owner

Angela is a great Teacher that keeps students engaged and positive throughout the whole course.  Her stories of personal success and growth are so inspirational.

~ Bianca Folytn, BA Psychology, Practising Therapist

Fantastic Modality... I have integrated already in my clinic.  Ange your amount of knowledge and compassion is admirable.  A must do course for anyone.
~ Kelli Virtan, Kinesiologist

The three days I spent in Melbourne with Angela and my fellow students completing the Basic Theta Healing course was most rewarding and has given me some tools that will serve me well for the future. I would like to thank Angela for the most enjoyable course and the effort that she put in to make sure that everyone of us had a complete upstanding of the theory as well as the practical aspects of the material. I traveled from Queensland to complete the course and found it to be extremely professional as well as friendly and would recommend this to anybody wishing to learn Theta healing. Very happy,Thank you Angela,     

~ Andrew M, ThetaHealer

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Workshops, Angela Rojas, Access Bars, ThetaHealing, testimonies

Imagine explaining a beautiful sunrise to someone or trying to put into words the fragrance of an enchanting flower - if you are reading this right now, then chances are that you might get stuck with these words and miss out on the experience entirely.  This course is a transformation waiting to happen and who would have ever imagined it to be so quick, easy and so much fun.  Once my limiting beliefs were replaced, my whole perspective on life changed instantaneously, including the people and members surrounding me.  I recommended this course to my brother who was going through the toughest phase in his life & boy did he come out as an entirely new person; full of life and love, unbelievable but its true.  What I am living now is a new life the way I always wanted to live & there is so much more to explore.  Thanks Angela xx     ~ Sam Gabba, Property Developer  

I have been a student on Angela's Basic Theta and Advanced Theta Healing courses.  I have also consulted Angela as a Theta Healer for a consultation.  First and foremost, Angela has a dedication to serving her students and clients. She is dedicated to what she does, has a beautiful heart and pure intention - all top quality assets for a professional in her line of business. The value of the services she provides for consultations and training is excellent.      

~Aubrecia Nel - Project Manager  

I can honestly say that Theta Healing has changed my life!  I no longer react to situations that I usually would have, I feel I fear nothing, I feel so much more spiritual and I feel completely relaxed and excited about the future.  I totally recommend the Theta Healing courses for anyone who is ready and willing to give their life a complete makeover.  I am filled with complete gratitude for Theta Healing, well and truly a welcoming breath of fresh air to my life and all those that are close to me.  As Angela says, "When you change, everyone around you benefits too", this is so true..     

~ Suzie Obeid, ThetaHealer  

Intuitive Anatomy has been one of the most amazing courses I have had the pleasure in participating. The facilitators were supportive and knowledgeable and provided a safe and warm environment in which I felt comfortable. Having a passion for natural therapies and having previously completed a variety of courses, Intuitive anatomy provided me with a basic understanding of the workings of the human body as well as the opportunity to look at many aspects and situations in my life that required healing. Many of the issues I worked on were issues I have worked on in the past, however, the course allowed me to discoverer and work on these issues at a much deeper level, with amazing results. I am so grateful for having participated in the course and I continue to notice so many positive changes in my every day life as a results of having completed the course.     

~ Matty D, Recruitment Officer

Initially when signing up for the Soul Mates Workshop I assumed it would be just about learning how to manifest a romantic "Soul Mate" and learning techniques & specific Downloads on helping clients.  Once at the course, I was delighted and thrilled to discover that it was SO MUCH MORE than attracting that fairytale fantasy 'the one'.  That elusive "Promised Land" that somehow having that 'ONE' person will make your life complete.  The reality is that you have more that one soul mate and this course teaches you the tools to connect with ALL your Soul Mates and Soul Family!  Not just the 'One'.  Life is bigger than that.  I was so excited in the week after the course to get an influx of new ThetaHealing clients  and in the months following the workshop.  I have met and re-connected with a number of people, across all areas of my life that are the 'soul mates' destined to be with me on my life's journey.  Why not call in all those Souls that are here to assist you in your journey, in your business, in your life's amazing shift?  Why wait?   I highly recommend this course to all ThetaHealers wanting to add another specific tool to their toolbox!      

 ~Sara, ThetaHealer, Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher  

Angela has passed on the gift of ThetaHealing to me in a special way, through on going support and free flowing information.  I first came across ThetaHealing through Angela's Free Intro Nights.  I knew that night, through every cell in my body that Theta was for me and I that I wanted to share this gift by helping others.  I booked the ThetaHealing Basic DNA Course that night.    Since the course Angela has provided a free flowing communication and support system which has helped me transition quickly from doing the course to practicing with family and friends to seeing paying clients. Angela is a nurturing instructor and provides ongoing informative emails and practice nights with other graduates from her courses to help sharpen and develop our skills.  Angela's insights have helped me deal with my own issues so that I have become the healer that I am today, for this I am eternally grateful.    

 ~ Ismael Sepulveda, ThetaHealer  

I did the course due to feeling depressed and feeling upside down....I did the The Tone of the Heart Song even though I was apprehensive. It is the most amazing and transformational experience that I have ever had.  My whole attitude and all about me changed!  I feel released, like a new woman!  I have the power to do what I want!     

~ Effie Tolis  

Theta Healing is an amazing tool that everyone should learn to create positive "life changing" changes in every part of their lives. Having completed many courses in the past, I was really impressed with the basic theta healing course. I loved and enjoyed every minute of it ! Angela shared her amazing knowledge of theta healing with everyone in the class equally and her easy to understand teaching style ensured that every part of the course was fun yet informative. It has definitely inspired me to further my understanding and studies in theta healing.  Thank you Angela     

 ~ Matty D, Recruiment Officer  

Angela is the most enthusiastic, passionate and inspirational teacher.  Her search for knowledge is infectious and Intuitive Anatomy is the best Investment in your own personal and spiritual growth and development you could make.      

~ Hilary McPhee, Reiki Master  

IA is amazing.  3 weeks to work on yourself, the Body Systems and Organs and understanding "Your Biology through your Biography".  The way Angela teaches and presents is always interesting and keeps you interested.    

~ Esther Bruer, ThetaHealer, England 


I would like to express my amazement with your Under the Crystals - Journey of the Soul. It was amazing being able to go back into dimensions and bring back great qualities that you once possessed so to use these qualities in this life time as well as resolve any issues that are still affecting our current life, I already feel a difference inside me.

~Anna, WorkCover consultant  

Hi Ange,     

Thanks so much for running the D & D course.  It was so informative & interesting on many levels that are not achieved by just reading the book at home.  I really valued the opportunity to do a lot of practice relevant to each stage of learning. This allowed for so much easy clearing & resolution on a personal level as well as building confidence & ability to work professionally with others. That's why it's one of my favorite Theta courses to date. Thank you for your wisdom, motivation, support and the brightness you bring to the process of transformation.  I am so glad to have done D & D.  Resounding Love and Light.       

~ D.A. Sound Therapist & ThetaHealer

What an amazing experience to be on the Advanced course! Really enjoyed it. During the Downloads I could feel my body was going through some physical changes. Also my skills in scanning bodies and listening to the Guardians have improved too. It was a big step up for me and I've learned a lot more from this course. Angela was always there for me when any help or assistance was needed. The group was also very supportive. Thank you Angela! Kind regards,

~ Natalia, Massage Therapist  

Angela,Thank your very much for the enlightening info/downloads and great teacher attitude and much more.  The courses especially the Advanced increased my desire to become a better Theta Healer and now I believe more than ever that this is possible....  

Dear Ange, I feel so blessed for being in your class "Manifesting & Abundance". To me it was a very deep learning experience. For the first time in my life I felt empowered to live the life I want. The feeling was and still is as I already have it all - I feel at ease, confident & happy. Ange, thank you so much for your graceful guidance to help me to create unlimited abundance in my life, which started within myself. Love to you always

~ Natalia, NLP Practitioner  

Once Again, Ange presents everything in a way that is interesting and easy to understand.  I say, do the course and the sooner the better.  An open mind is all you need to realise your own Destiny.

~ Kate Bevan, Teacher  

The Advanced Course for me was great, it opened up a part of me that I never knew I had.  It was a huge launch forward on my Spiritual Path.  The knowledge and skills I gained from these courses especially the Advanced is Priceless.

~ Steve J Todd -  Practitioner 

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for a wonderful weekend. The advanced Theta Healing was fantastic. I am so excited by the changes I can make in my life and the changes I am already seeing within myself. Your enthusiasm and excitement comes through so strongly in your teaching and it's a real pleasure to be with you.

 ~ Judy Newbury, Reflexologist & ThetaHealer

Sessions with Angela Testimonials

Workshops, Angela Rojas, Access Bars, ThetaHealing, testimonies

When I book to see Angela, I remain excited from the time I book my appointment, until the days after it's over.  With all her glorious experience and knowledge, she is able to provide you with exactly what you need.  She makes it fun and easy.

~ Jacob Marinelli

I've poured my heart and soul into the book, and it's fair to say that revealing so much of my life, to the world has been daunting.  Hence, I'd like to thank Angela Rojas, a wonderful Intuitive Healer, who helped turn my fear into Enthusiasm
     ~Sharell Cook, Author: Henna for the Broken Hearted

Angela is a wonderfully intuitive healer. She has helped overcome many issues in my life. One prominent one was my fear of not being able to make a living doing what I love to do. This was closely tied in with the fear of not having enough money coming in to sustain the life of my dreams. In one session with Angela, I came to a deep understanding of the things that were holding these fears in place and she helped to clear them for me.  From that powerful session, my life completely changed in a matter of a few weeks; I quit the job I hated the day after the session, and then enrolled in a life changing course for the next 3 weeks, which created a source of revenue for me from something that I love doing! Thank you so much Ange. You are a true earth-angel.

~ Melanie, Singer & Video Producer

I had funghi and excema on my foot for 4-5 years and tried everything from diet, anti-funghal creams to herbal poultices and nothing would clear this funghi on my foot.  I decided to give Theta Healing a go with Angela.  She said that funghi has to do with resentments.  We did some belief work around resentements in one session only and within 2 weeks the excma started to clear.  Within a month, it was completely gone.  Theta Healing really works and I have since completed my Basic & Advanced Course with Angela.

~ Kayte, Naturopath

As a healer and therapist myself I know the importance of having a special guide and mentor in your life to help you move through the different layers of self development & spiritual growth. I found Angela at a time in my life when I had already done a lot of inner work, and I was after someone special that could really help me really chip away at the deepest layers and inner blocks within myself. Angela is nothing short of magical. As a therapist Angela is warm, nurturing, vibrant and very intuitive. Her guidance is always spot on & extremely helpful. Her enthusiasm for life is so catchy, you can't help leaving a session with Ange completely elated, motivated and excited to live life.  But it has been the after effects that have completley amazed me. The sessions have caused a ripple effect of transformation across many areas of my life. Relationships with close family members that have been strained for years have now been repaired, wonderful opportunities for my business have manifested, my spiritual intuition has increased, my creativity is flowing and I truly feel empowered to create the life of my dreams. I highly recommend Angela to anyone that is ready to see change in their lives, across ALL levels.

~ Sara Brooke, The Space In Between

As a client and student of Angela I can say that it has been an amazing experience. My wife also saw Ange as a client where she received and kept a healing where the pain in her hip which had been there for a couple of years disappeared. As a client Ange helped me release certain obligations which had not been serving me. I am now a certified and practicing ThetaHealer® after doing theBasic, Advanced and Manifesting & Abundance courses with Ange. I thoroughly enjoyed the courses which helped me clear lots of beliefs that have not been serving me. Ange is a delightful, energetic and gifted individual whose relaxed and open aura makes learning fun and enjoyable. She has been a teacher and mentor to me and I continue to enjoy learning new insights from her that assist me with my clients.  Thanks Ange, keep up the great work you're doing!

~ Ruban Stephens, Practitioner

Hi Angela,
.... thank you for the awesome healing last week.  Things have just been going so fantastic I admit I was a little surprised!   My overall improvement from the last 6 months of my life are due to the session we had.  So thank you for helping me out, the massive improvement in such a short amount of time is fantastic.  You were SPOT ON with your body scan, no practitioner has ever been that clear with me, especially not during the first session.  Thank you again!

~ Katie Doichinov, Compliance Manager

I've tried many healing modalities over the years, all in my quest to find a better me and break the conditioning cycle.  With ThetaHealing I can see results and watch myself moving forward to a more positive existence.  Finally, here is a tool that has been able to break the pattern of a lifetime and extinguish negative traits from my subsonscious I never consciously knew I was doing.  This is what awakening the soul and accessing one's true potential is all about.  I highly recommend the experience to anyone who wants to create a better you

~ Alex Claire, Acupuncturist

I went to Angela for a sessionn to resolve issues relating to my childhood and past relationships which had manifested themselves as discomfort and illness in my body. I had a sore sacrum that I thought related to past relationships. The soreness in this area had been there for a couple of years. Angela uncovered that this soreness was from old limiting beliefs about money that stemmed back to growing up with not much. Angela did a clearing of this and I felt immediate release of something that I thought would take a long time to clear. I have also had help from Angela to release past ties to relationships, healing of a knee injury and establishing a positive attitude towards my self image.

~ Anna, Hypnotherapist & Yoga Teacher

After seeing Ange for a Theta healing session I was able to feel confident in the decisions I was making in my life and begin to accept the person I was. I had been having trouble sleeping for months and after just one session with Ang I was able to clear my head and fall asleep a lot quicker. My second session with her we worked on manifesting a pay increase and the hours I wanted, and just as we had manifested it with a Theta Manifesting session, it unfolded exactly as we had worked on it.  She is an amazing person and just being in her presence you start to feel calmer and more at peace. She has changed my life. 

~ Kathleen, Beauty therapist

Angela, you have helped me change the beliefs that limited me and that was blocking me from achieving the amazing and most beautiful connection I now share with my daughter.  I am ready to share my knowledge with my children and friends.... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

~ Toni, Client Relations

I came to see Angela about feeling bloated and so down.  She did a scan on me and suggested I see her Iridologist as she could see excess Candida in my body.  I saw her Iridologist and spot on!  We also did work on my relationship with men, Angela was spot on with all my beliefs and patterns, I felt she had known me my whole life!  Amazing session Ange!  I have since completed upto Intuitive Anatomy and I am so looking forward to completing all of them!

~ Anna Maria, HR Manager   

Hi Angela, 
Firstly I just want to say a huge thankyou for the healing session, you have helped me shift and move into a more powerful way of healing. I have done positive affirmations before, but this time I believe In myself more and I am suprised at how well I am going with this.
So THANK YOU Angela from the bottom of my eve-rincresing heart (hehe), I am so grateful to you and you're such a beautiful loving being. I felt it as soon as I saw you and heard you speak. I felt so much love ooze from you.
I would love to continue the healing sessions.

~ Tahlia. L, Artist

I have been blessed to experience an Instant Healing as a result of my most recent session with Angela.  I saw Ange with a complaint about my right hamstring which had been aching for 4 months and I didn't know why, and my physiotherapist had indicated it was related to my intestines.  During the session we spoke about the small and large decisions and changes that were occurring in my life, the back and forward thrust of these decisions, and stored resentments I had towards particular situations not having worked for me in the past.  Ange pointed out that the right side of my body represented my logical and decision making processes, and also being on the back, my hamstring represented the past.  Ange's ability to tie it all together was second to what happened next.  After clearing the emotional baggage, she intuitively saw that I had a slight tear in the ligament itself.  She proceeded to heal the area, and by the end of the session it felt amazing - well, I couldn't feel it at all, no aches, and no twinges! To notice such powerful physical changes so quickly is truly astonishing, and I can't wait for everything else that will follow!  Ange you are truly gifted at helping others with your amazing abilities, thank you!  

~ Katie - Personal Trainer 

I first had a session with Angela over Skype for Back Pain due to my profession as a hairdresser.  After that session, my back Pain never returned.  I had a second session with her while pregnant to my 3rd child.  Having suffered Gestational Diabetes with my first 2 pregnancies and having them both induced early, I did not want to go through that experience again.  Angela did amazing belief work and downloads around this issues and when I had my sugar levels tested a week later, they were normal, to my doctors amazement.  I had a natural birth and completed the whole pregnancy period which my doctor said was a high risk given my past 2 births.  I am a happy mother of 3 gorgeous girls.

~ Danella Preddy, Hairdresser, Perth

I want to thank you for your help with my longstanding issues with my mother. I went through a very dark period with my mother, not seeing a "way out" of our constant bickering and feelings of resentment and I don't like to admit it, but almost "hating" my mother. With your help, my mother and I can now communicate without the sarcastic or aggressive behaviour we had towards one another. We have not "fought" for months now and can 'agree to disagree' and not hold grudges. This is a huge step from where we once were. Thank you.  You are not only a beautiful soul but a great Healer and Instructor. Love to you.