Open the Book of Your Soul's Journey

This Beautiful Process is about entering into your BOOK of LIFE.  Enter into your Akashic Records to see where and how your Soul Journey is on its Blue Print and what changes need to be made if you are out of your path or what can be enhanced to magnify your Soul Journey.  You have an opportunity to ask questions about your Book of Life and receive messages from your guides and councils.

  • In this one day workshop, you will learn how to cleanse your 4 bodies to enter the Akashic Records.  
  • Learn to Access the Monadic Plane and connect with the Kumaras
  • Open the Book of Your Soul's Journey
  • You will learn to work with the Violet Flame and how to use the violet flame to cleanse energies
  • Learn to use the flower of life to destroy karmic ties and how to use the Flower of Life to Create
  • You will learn how to access your Council and Your Spirit Guides to work with
  • You will learn processes to assist in bringing to alignment your blueprint of this Soul's Journey on this plane
  • Learn to Invoke all your guides, the Creator and all Gods and Goddess in your Journey of this plane

The Akashic Records are the awareness of the future, past and present of everything. They are the records of the Soul’s Journey from the beginning and contain all the possibilities of your future Soul Journey. In all spiritual teachings and in the Bible it is referred or known as “The Book of Life”

A reading of the Akashic Records consists of opening the Records of your Soul permitting that all information necessary for your progress, advancement and evolution in the here and now of your life can emerge. The specific information that concerns past lives can and cannot be relevant in this occasion. What is most valuable is the guidance and orientation that you receive, to elaborate and manage better the patterns that are present in your life, the opportunities to close them and the direction most appropriate to take in these moments. We work with the Light for the highest good of all involved.

We are open to Spirit to receive guidance, direction and information. I open myself to the information contained in your records and I am permitted to view and share that which is downloaded directly to me from there. We work directly with your questions. If you wish you can prepare your questions in relation to the choices in your life and define what you wish to resolve or clear. Your openness and the information that your guides, masters and loved ones transmit through for your evolution, determines what can occur in the session.

Remember that all the information that is provided to you during your session is to assist with your own awareness. You can choose to if you wish to share what your receive with others. You are however responsible for the results that can derive if you choose to take the advice or opinion of others. I put all of my best and do all that is possible within my abilities to give all the emergent information. It is important to understand that it doesn’t matter what I say, you are responsible to validate the information obtained through your own experience.

Remember that the blessings are already present; lets ensure that this meeting is the process by which these blessing can manifest amply in our lives.

The Akashic Records

Akashic Records, one day workshop, Book of life, Angela Rojas, Melbourne

Sunday 29th March, 9.30am - 5.30pm

Investment $275.00

Includes Manual and certification of completion

Lunch & snacks